Invest in the Future of Plant Growth

The Future of Planting is Tissue Culture

We’re determined to take our science of tissue culture innovative technologies, expertise, and knowledge base and apply it to the preservation of any plant species. Our designated tissue culture starter plantlets facility utilizes proprietary propagation technology to address the issues that growers face today, like contamination and genetic drift.

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. is a Nevada-based company that specializes in the advanced science of tissue culture. With its offering of premium growth services, the global demographic can see a major enhancement in the preservation and quality of plants.


Pharmagreen is the Key to Growing High-Quality Plantlets

Most conventional cloning techniques today can produce genetic drift along with disease and bug infestation,
resulting in lower product quality and consistency. With a third-generation expert grower on our team,
Pharmagreen can deliver the consistently high-grade cannabis flowers that businesses around the globe are looking for.

By controling each and every aspect of the plant’s growth – from specific feeding and fertilization times to ensuring each individual strain enjoys an optimized environment and lighting, we can help ensure that every batch of new plantlets from the mother plant thrives, effectively reducing costs and solidifying the supply chain.

With our suspended growth-state technology, cultivators can preserve their strains in real-time, further preventing occurrences of genetic drift and contamination as a result.

Invest in the future of optimized plant growth with Pharmagreen.


Why Invest in Pharmagreen?

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. holds a broad knowledge base, complete access to industry resources, and most importantly, the proven proprietary technologies that produce pharma-grade cannabis flower tops.

Through outsourcing, we can open up resource capital to focus on generating revenue and increasing the frequency of production cycles.

Pharmagreen’s state-of-the-art IoT facility enhabits plants in a clean-room lab environment, which helps prevent disease and bugs.

We can supply up to a million starter plantlets with reduced growing time and more capital for flowers, which enables higher profits in return.

Our Science of Tissue Culture starter production facility utilizes the “Chibafreen” proprietary micro-propagation technique to ensure that plantlets are of the highest quality, germ-free, disease-free, and genetically uniform whether we produce just two or up to a trillion of them.

Management Team

Our core team features some of the world’s most renowned plant specialists and business professionals.

Peter Wojcik

Peter Wojcik

With over a decade of experience in high-valued exits across past-successful startups and research in cannabis as a therapeutic agent, Peter Wojcik is a powerhouse in innovation. A University of Regina alum, Wojcik is highly knowledgeable in the world of economics and using such expertise, we have garnered a strong business strategy for Pharmagreen.

Dr. Fawzia Afreen

Dr. Fawzia Afreen

Dr. Fawzia Afreen’s extraordinary career has spanned almost two decades as an expert in plant horticulture, tissue culture, and production. In addition to her Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, she has three international patents, two published books and over forty articles used in peer-reviewed international journals.

Terry Kwan

Terry Kwan

A chartered professional accountant with the Institute of Chartered Professional Accounts of BC, Terry Kwan’s four-decade-long career portfolio in finance spans both public and private sectors. The University of British Columbia alum holds the commerce expertise to analyze our financial expenditure and profitability.

Our Green Resources Require Preservation: Invest Today

We strive to use our expertise and technological capital to preserve plant species and enhance the growth of plant species. With our IoT facility, we can significantly increase the quality of plants from around the world.


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